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Welcome to the New Site


Welcome to the new site! We are in the process of updating and getting everything sorted out. If you’ve been following Sorcery for a while, you may remember the old Tumblr blog that we were using, and while we loved Tumblr, the layout didn’t love us back. The pages weren’t loading properly and it basically just destroyed our want to keep updating it… Which I guess worked out because, it ultimately lead us here, an all new website & layout. Anyways lets get all caught up.

First big update! We’ve restructured and restarted the Sorcery team. We originally started with Skateboarding and now we are growing our Drift/Car team. In a very near future post we’ll introduce the drivers, their cars, & do a proper write up (with video) of each driver. Our current team is made up of 4 drivers.

Second Major update for late 2020 will be the release of Season 3 (picture above is Season 2). All the designs for the shirts are done (and will be shared soon). We are just finishing up the stickers & smaller designs for the final touches before sending them all of to print (& before photos). So check back soon for that or follow us on Instagram/Twitter and we’ll be sharing up to date information there as well.

Photos by Cody Helton

And of course we’ll have more photo coverage as we attend events and such; some of which will include contributors like, Cody Helton (above) who shot Super D & Final Bout for Sorcery a while back. Hopefully we can get a little more covered this time around as we now have a solid platform to post and write to outside of ‘social media’.

Photo by @JustinFoxPhoto

Rounding off this post, we are planning to bring back the model shoots that we were doing early on for the site and we’ll probably republish the sets here so they aren’t lost forever to the interwebs. Anyways! Thank you for visiting and reading.

Oh, and once Covid-19 is a bit more under control, we’ll be planning our next event.